Astrology and Tarot Readings and Fees

As an astrologer with over 20 years experience reading star charts, I offer a wide-range of astrology readings to help you improve the quality of your life. As a Tarot reader, I can help you get in touch with your intuition. I have studied with shamans and healers, spent a summer in the kitchen at the Esalen Institute and completed a Zen Shiatsu certificate course; for those on a healing journey, I share with you what I have learned, for your own personal healing, and the healing of Mother Earth.

Tarot Readings:  Use your intuition! Schedule a reading with me and engage in a deep discussion about your question to the Tarot. Just a 2 or 3 card spread offers enormous wisdom and can generate hours of discussion. Come prepared to be pleasantly surprised how informing, helpful and positive a Tarot reading can be for you! ($150)

Astrology Readings:  Astrology is an ancient tool for self-understanding–humans have been tracking the planets, Sun and Moon for millenia. I am very lucky in that I had an astrology mentor in the 1990s, a great professional astrologer who was my friend for 20 years; I’ve had other training, too, I completed an online course in the 1990s through the Canopus Astrology school in Australia; in 2003 I attended NORWAC, the legendary Seattle-based astrology conference, where I attended conferences with astrologers like Robert Hand, Diana Stone, Maurice Fernandez, Steven Forrest.

*Initial Star Chart Session: This is a session for those of you who have never had an astrology reading. 90 minutes. The purpose of a natal chart reading is to help you improve your relationships, your habits, yourself; a natal reading can discern your life purpose, answer questions you have always had about yourself and identify trends that will both support and challenge you in the immediate future.   $150

*Individual Star Chart Sessions: This is for clients who have had a natal star chart session and want to discuss what’s going on in the present, for the purpose of understanding available trends and opportunities and to assess the present situation, and look at potential upcoming transitions. Questions from clients can deal with situations at work, at home, at school, with family, with a spouse, with a child, with depression, with anxiety, with an opponent (for your astrologers, remember, the 7th house is the house of love AND war), with Spirit, with God, with creativity, with grief and loss…the Individual Star Chart Session is for you and whatever it is that is on your mind. There is astrology for everything under the Sun. 60–90 minutes. $150

*Star Charts for Relationships:  I am happy to assess your current relationship with you; this reading assesses not just your Star chart, but the chart of another person, and examines how your charts work together and how you experience the relationship. $150




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