Intuitive Astrology Forecast August 13–20, 2018

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast! All times are PDT. Chart wheel courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

This week looks less intense than last week!  We still have 6 planets retrograde, still not a good time to sign contracts or start new projects: things won’t launch or will be delayed. However there are great opportunities for reconnecting with people who are important to us; connecting now means we’ll have more peeps on our side when the planets start moving forward, so connect and reconnect! Mercury goes direct Saturday night; Mars and Saturn will move direct in another few weeks (dates below) and then we’ll be cooking with gas. The headline this week though is Saturday, when Jupiter (growth, optimism, faith) forms a durable, flowing angle with Neptune (urge to connect with the cosmos, the world of spirit, the martyr, the addict).  Big spiritual healing is possible; so is being sold a bill of goods or living in a fantasy world. If you have images/ideas you are trying to promote for business, politics, or art this is a week when people will be receptive. Neptune is the planet that rules photography and film. When these two planets flow together it’s inspiring and daydreamy; don’t expect logic to make a strong showing this week. Wait till next week to make any serious decisions, if you can.

Monday 8/13: Today feels busy; the moon is in detail-oriented Virgo and forms an easy angle with Mars (personal will) in Capricorn (business, logistics, planning) at 9:37p.m. and you might find yourself working on a project late, feeling confident.  The mood flips at 9:57p.m., though, when the moon moves into Libra (thinking and evaluating relationships), and forms an immediate square with Saturn (reality-check): after a long busy day you may hit the sack feeling insecure about how you relate to your peeps. Don’t worry; it’s just a blip. On Tuesday 8/14 the moon stays in Libra and merges with Venus, also in Libra, at 11:05a.m.: together 2 planets want to keep it light, fun, conflict-free and chatty. It’s an excellent day for a romantic lunch; make your reservations now! Venus moves on to form a nice angle to backwards moving Mercury later in the evening: it’s also a good evening to go out for a romantic dinner. It’s a social day; more short trips,  possibly because you’ve forgotten or lost something because Mercury is still retrograde.  We wake up Wednesday 08/15 and it might feel very secure insecure because the relationship-focused, flip-flopping Libra moon getting a challenge from Pluto (control, power) in Capricorn (business); maybe our flirty ways lead to some manipulative behavior. Take the high road! The mood improves throughout the day as the Libra moon has a sweet angle to the Leo Sun: air and fire sparkle. Like Tuesday, it’s a nice afternoon and evening and fine for going out and having fun with friends.

Thursday 8/16 the moon is in Scorpio at 1:54a.m.: with Jupiter already in that sign, the emotional intensity of this moon is amplified, and the moon forms an immediate square to Mars, so if you’re up in the wee hours watch for irritation and sharp words. At 6:27a.m. the moon moves opposite Uranus (surprises, radical change) so you could find yourself shocked by something/someone this morning: perhaps a noisy leaf-blower waking you up an hour earlier than planned. Or maybe you just hear something that gets you thinking outside the box as you drive to work. The moon is also in an easy angle to Saturn (stability) in Capricorn (business); so there’s good support this morning to get to work. Friday 8/17 the Moon meets Jupiter; the two merge and together form and a nearly perfect flowing angle to Neptune (urge to merge with the cosmos, the illusion of duality) in Pisces (the sign associated with Neptune: so the urge to merge is double strength!).  This is very powerful healing and spiritual energy; it allows us to easily participate in a divine experience, whatever that means for you. Forgiveness. Compassion. Just little stuff like that is just a bit easier to connect with.  It’s fair to say you might feel unexpectedly tearful or emotional, especially if you have planets natally in signs like Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer. It can feel like you’re a dry sponge soaking up all the emotions around you from everyone whether you know them or not: so if you’re tearful, it might not just be you. This energy peaks on Sunday at 12:48a.m.

Mercury Direct August 18, 2019

On Saturday 8/18 the moon is in Sagittarius starting at 9:45a.m.  Sagittarius isn’t concerned with emotion at all; it’s the spirit of adventure, the sporting life and the armchair philosopher. To add to the sense of broader horizons, there’s a sextile (opportunities) aspect between Venus (love) and Mercury (communication, thinking) in the morning as well. Mercury is stalled during the day, getting ready to turn direct at 9:25p.m., so it really lingers with Venus all day improving odds that you could have a romantic opportunity.  The energy between these planets really sparkles; and it helps that both are in signs of the zodiac that prioritize love–Leo and Libra. Leo for the passion; Libra for the aesthetic. But when your eyes are star-crossed, does it matter the difference? This is an excellent day to reconnect with friends, make phone calls, enhance your love life; new romance is possible as well as rekindling some old flames: this energy supports both. On Sunday the Jupiter/Neptune trine perfects overnight; the morning is good for communication and if you spend the night with a loved one, the mood won’t sour in the morning, it’s safe to stick around for a late breakfast. In the afternoon the optimistic Sagittarius moon squares dreamy Neptune: don’t miss out on important facts and get caught up in a fantasy. Music and the arts are a nice way to spend the afternoon and safely get lost in illusion; staying home with a movie at night might be the wisest course.

Final thoughts: It still feels like the doldrums out there; not much seems to be moving ahead. Continue revising, revisiting and reviewing because when the momentum moves forward it will feel rapid and we’ll miss these dog days of summer. Dates to keep track of:

August 28: Mars has been retrograde for about 3 months, most of that time in non-starting fixed Aquarius, and moves direct at 28 degress of Capricorn; if you’ve been chomping at the bit to move forward and are being blocked, doors start to open today. Capricorn likes to get things started and Mars is always strong in this sign.

September 6: Saturn has been retrograde since April 17 and turns direct on this date; business will move forward with a bang!

Mercury in Leo is very active this week; the planet of communication is in a very outgoing, masculine sign associated with pride and self-confidence. Big, expansive Jupiter continues to square this and the trend in bellicose speech that doesn’t back down will continue. Both planets are in fixed signs and they dig in.  Avoid taking extreme positions no matter what the consequences, it won’t end well. Look at Canada and Saudi Arabia; their current diplomatic crisis is fine example of this energy in the collective.

My channeled inspiration:  The Jupiter/Neptune trine this week is a spiritual gift; however it is you do faith, this is the week to plug in! I’m really hearing it’s time to let your grasp on logic slip a bit and know you can do this and be safe and supported. Being illogical at times is a useful stance; it’s not clownish, ignorant or uninformed. All cultures teach of the Wise Fool.  So being a bit illogical may bring magic into your life. Also know this week the images we look at carry extra weight and seep into our consciousness, shaping our beliefs (Jupiter) and spiritual vision (Neptune): find photos, pictures, paintings, videos, screensavers that feature positive emotions you want in your life. Take a scenic drive or ride. An image of First Responders might inspire courage; an image of nature might inspire peace. This movie trailer about artist Andy Goldsworthy might help get you started.





Intuitive Astrology Forecast August 6–13, 2018

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast! All times are PDT (Pacific Daylight Time); chart wheel courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

Well these are the dog days of summer and this week 6 of the 10 planets will be retrograde: now during these hot, slow days it’s a great time to revise, rework and reconnect. When so many planets are moving backwards, our attention is on our internal life. It’s perfectly OK right now to spend some time on your own; take stock of your situation and make peace with yourself. It’s not a great time to start something brand new. Wait till August 28th for that.

There’s an intensity and charge in the air as the week starts; Uranus, the invisible and distant planet of rebellion, sudden change, technology and radical movements is stationary and turns retrograde on Tuesday. Uranus is currently traveling through the sign of Taurus (what we value): so if you find yourself suddenly considering values you’ve never considered before, don’t worry! It’s perfectly OK and probably just what you need.

Monday 8/6–Tuesday 8/7: Both days are chatty and communication oriented with the moon in mental, talk-oriented Gemini. Venus moves into airy Libra at 4:28pm Monday and immediately forms a nice angle to backwards moving Mars in Aquarius: both planets like to talk about relationships, Libra for romantic reasons and Aquarius to improve the common good; and since both are in air, it’s detached and friendly not emotional and overwrought. These 2 are the principal relationship planets in astrology. It’s a great time to communicate with friends and loved ones about anything that needs sorting out. It’s also a great time for art projects: relationships involve objects in positive/negative space as you artists know, so if you are working out design problems in your art these are good days for that.

Wednesday 8/8–Thursday 8/9: The mood is a bit more security-centered; the moon is in Cancer. And, paradoxically, it’s easier to communicate from our heart-center Wednesday: the Sun is in fiery Leo now–passionate and creative engagement. Leo is the most powerfully creative sign of the Zodiac and rules our most precious creations, our children. Mercury is the planet that represents our thoughts/communications, and in Leo Mercury easily talks about the Self. It could be boastful, proud and obnoxious; or heartfelt, warm and generous. Try for the later. Thursday night the moon moves into Leo at 10:12pm; it’s opposite Mars, good for friendly competition. Great night for gaming.  There’s a bit of relationship insecurity early in the evening when Venus–relationships–moves into a challenging aspect with Saturn–reality and structure. It’s just a passing mood.

Friday 8/9:  The moon is in Leo all day and and feelings are optimistic. Mercury fused with the Sun in Leo Wednesday giving us a potent, yang expression of the vital power of fire; tonight the Moon (security, feeling safe) in Leo (creativity, recognition) has her chance to merge with Mercury: in short, it feels good to chat and to shine bright about what we love. Just be aware that Jupiter (big losses and gains) is in Scorpio (super powerful emotions, deep truth) and this big planet is squaring Moon/Mercury. Watch your spending and any tendency to believe something too good to be true. Instead, enjoy the dramatic nature of this energy by going out and enjoying some entertainment. Let the drama unfold on screen….rather than your front porch! The moon today makes it’s monthly conjunction (fusion) with the transiting North Node of the Moon: anything you do today to shine with creativity and help others shine, too, helps you on your spiritual path.

August 11 Leo Solar Eclipse

Saturday 8/10:  There’s a New Moon in Leo early this morning at 2:58am; most of us will sleep through it here in Tucson, feeling it mostly on Friday as it builds in potency. New Moons are times to manifest, bring into reality, the essential soul-nutrition we need to thrive:  when the New Moon is in Leo the goal is to recognize and manifest our love of Self.  Not the love of  the ego-Self (easy)  which can boast, bully and rule with absolute power; but love of our Heart-self, which has a bit of humility and lets us generously share our passion with others, not beat them over the head with it. Getting in touch with our hearts may be challenging Friday and Saturday; Pluto (power) in Capricorn (structure, parents, laws) forms a hard and unfriendly angle to this new Moon, and that means we may have to sort through the darkness to feel our hearts: you may have to find ways to adjust to powerful demands and criticisms that get in the way of your creative expression. For example, there could be an inner parent that comes out and puts you down every time your inner child goes for the finger paints. Find a way to divert that parent and grab the paints and run! Jupiter, mentioned earlier in this forecast, is adding lots of drama to this Leo New Moon: expect to hear about some hidden truth that gets exposed.

Sunday 8/12 the moon is in Virgo; it’s a task oriented day, busy. Watch for tendencies to over-analyze whatever your experience was of the New Moon. Watch also for a change in the way energy in general is expressed: Mars has been in airy, detached Aquarius since Mid-may and tonight at 7:13pm it slips into the preceding sign, Capricorn, as it continues it’s backwards motion. Mars in Capricorn is earth: it’s real stuff, not conceptions like Aquarius, and deals with the material plane. Planning, logistics, practical goals suddenly seem relevant. If you feel an urge to start something suddenly the next few days, it’s OK, because the instinct of Capricorn is to initiate business; however, with Mars retrograding just chomp at the bit another 3 weeks: because when Mars goes direct on the 28th, we’ll all start moving forward.

Final thoughts:  It may feel frustrating that things seem to not be moving forward. Just stick with what’s working, and continue to revise, edit. The purpose of this time is to bring in new values to helps us shine in our future endeavors!

My channeled inspiration:  The jaguar is the most powerful cat in the Americas. And like it’s cousin the Lion, you’d think this massive cat would have one favorite meal, the meal of kings: Sirloin Tip, T-Bone, some fancy cut of cow.  However, jaguars love frogs above steak. A jaguar killed in Tubac, Arizona in the mid 1950s had a belly full of frogs.

What is it that you love to do? What is your favorite thing to do? When you were a child, you knew the answer to this question. It was a game, an activity, it was hopping on your bike and heading down the driveway, it was the private discoveries you made out in nature.  Leo is the sign of children. As a child, you knew what delighted you. Jaguars love to swim and eat frogs; not quite what you’d think. And yet, that’s what this big cat does. What about you? What’s something you love to do that makes you feel good? Put on your bunny slippers, slide into your Underoos, pour a bowl of Lucky Charms and watch some cartoons. Whatever it takes: take a moment to do what you did for fun when you were a child, and this week the magic will follow.






Intuitive Astrology Forecast July 30–August 5, 2018

Tucson, AZ:  July 29, 2018

Welcome to the forecast! All times are PDT. Chart wheel courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

Last week was a dynamic and volatile week and whether you felt it internally, through your own messages to yourself, or externally, through heated exchanges with others, expect to continue to feel the rumbling this week.  On Wednesday backwards moving Mars butts heads with nearly stationary Uranus and when both meet up this way it is very unpredictable:  surprising events are the rule of the day because the meaning of both of these planets when they meet this way is to suddenly  bring change to our lives. We all need to hit our own “refresh” button periodically. Those of you comfortable with a random “refresh” will likely feel better this week than those of you who’d rather control the exact time, place, and date of your “refresh”. So, in short, there is likely some provocation to change ahead.

Monday 7/30–Tuesday 7/31: The moon is in sensitive, intuitive, dreamy and artistic Pisces both days. On Monday the moon makes a nice angle to Jupiter in Scorpio:  emotions feel safer, kinder even if they’re deep (Scorpio); get into a comfy conversation with a trusted friend, dialogue with your spirit guides or dig out those pastels and get creative, it’s a good day/night for all: process what’s been happening.  You’ll have to wait till Saturday to get an evening that feels this benign. Tuesday sees much of the same, though in afternoon you may get pulled out of yourself to deal with someone or something else when the moon opposes Venus (relationships, what your care about) in Virgo (busy and detail oriented).

Mars Uranus Square 2018

Wednesday 8/1 is the big day of the week when Mars in Aquarius (the sign of the rebel, the humanitarian, the mad genius) forms a perfect square as it moves backwards towards Uranus in Taurus (placid, conventional values) exact at 7:41p.m.: this energy has been within orb (a time-frame of influence) for the last 3 weeks, and as we approach Wednesday night it gets more intense as it perfects.  There are often strong feelings to break free of something when these planets square. As a general rule, the more intolerably stuck you feel in a situation the more likely the chance of dramatic change. If you’ve been thinking and acting on bringing creative change to areas where you’ve been blocked, you may notice something far less dramatic. If you’ve been holding onto something that you need to finally release–a relationship, money, an unrealistic ideal–it’s a good time to finally allow it to go and grieve the loss.  Ironically, both Neptune and Jupiter currently occupy the 2 signs of the zodiac associated with loss–Pisces and Scorpio–and they form a rare flowing trine this month, exact mid-August. For many of us, we’ll finally be able to release a lot of pent up loss and finally see it disappear (Neptune: because disappearance is also a loss sometimes, though in this case how reassuring to know our burdens can just vanish! Finally!)

The last time Mars and Uranus met up this way was last May 15–June 4: what happened then? The same challenging issue, feeling, thought, urge may resurface. What’s important now is to completely avoid loss of temper, carelessness, thoughtless action, sudden impulses to act:  at other times, you might get away with it, but now and for the next few weeks that type of reaction to whatever is setting you off–either internally or externally–will have bigger repercussions. We may, less dramatically, feel ourselves internally releasing the need to utilize our personal will in some domain of our life; this, so we can make room for the new values/behaviors we’ll want and need for the changes and surprises ahead! Both Mars and Uranus have orbits larger than Earth, so they move slower relative to us and therefore the irritation they often bring–the demand to change now when we’d rather stay the same–sticks around for a while. Uranus, to make things more unpredictable, is actually slowly starting to come to a halt and turn retrograde on August 7; expect to feel the push to change through then.

Chiron in Aries can be thought of as the wounded warrior and it’s also been in a slow moving transiting square with Saturn. I see a lot of people getting in touch with wounds to self-esteem and releasing them this week. With the moon in Aries Wednesday and Thursday, practice confidence with your own authority as you negotiate these energies!

Friday 8/3–Sun 8/5:  The moon moves into Taurus at 12:51 p.m. and it’s a bit bumpy: the moon in Taurus likes to relax and instead it bumps into the Uranus/Mars square, may be moody until 7:07 p.m. when the moon forms a nice soothing angle to Saturn and it’s a bit more grounding. Saturday and Sunday look great for hanging out with friends/family, socializing, gardening, being outdoors with those you love; Sunday night the moon moves into Gemini at 6:32 p.m. and you may stay up late chatting . Gemini loves to talk and make connections.

Final thoughts: 5 of the 10 planets are retrograde now; next week it will be 6. Now is the time to pay attention to your internal life and release thoughts/beliefs that don’t serve you; now is the time to reconnect with old friends and loved ones who support you. And it’s OK for you to  show you appreciate them! And show them how you appreciate yourself. There is great, positive and effective energy ahead for business and communication, but it’s another 4 weeks out.

My channeled inspiration: This week I’m hearing loud and clear from my spirit peeps it’s time to creatively release. Even if you’ve been holding on to something for a very long time, you can release it easily this week and next; you can also ask to release things you don’t know you’re holding onto! Make it an intention.





Intuitive Astrology Horoscope for July 23–29, 2018

Welcome to the forecast! All times are Pacific Standard Time. Chart wheel courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

Monday 7/23 the moon is in Sagittarius; the mood is broadminded and exploratory, and it’s also a very dreamy day, with our thoughts and behaviors anything but practical. Moon squares both Venus and Neptune: things can seem insecure due to inertia and lack of focus. Summon your inner Space Cadet! This dreamy energy continues to grow during Monday into Tuesday when Venus (values, love, money) opposes Neptune (the urge to merge with the cosmos), exact Tuesday at 12:24 p.m.  Even though Venus is in practical, no-nonsense Virgo it is out-gassed by that giant of illusion, Neptune: feels foggy in our relationships.  Other people in your environment may alert you to what is real and what is an illusion, what is of value and what isn’t. Be wary of being deceived. Oppositions involve other people and external events/stimuli. But other than that, allow yourself to intentionally create environments that allow you to be receptive to positive vibes: listen to inspiring music, enjoy beauty, allow yourself to be inspired and connect with the universe.

Tuesday 7/24 we come back down to earth at 2:49p.m. when the moon moves into work-oriented Capricorn. It’s not bad initially because of a nice flowing aspect to Uranus in Taurus at 7:49p.m. This is inventive in the earth-plane: good brainstorming and creative solutions.   Then the responsible Capricorn moon (security) conjuncts (fuses) with Saturn (reality) at 10:48 p.m.  Just getting to bed feels like and effort and duty is on our minds. Insomnia, difficulty sleeping could be an issue with this energy. Added to the mix is a square overnight between the Sun in dramatic Leo with Uranus in Taurus: restlessness, wanting to be recognized are themes here.

Wednesday 7/25 could be a grumpy wake up after last night. It’s a task oriented day but an intense one as we move towards evening. Capricorn moon forms friendly but brief angles of opportunity with Jupiter and Neptune; feel your faith and spirituality as it applies to your plans for the long-game. Mercury stations retrograde at 10:03 p.m. at 23 degress of Leo.  The usual prescriptive applies: Mercury is the swift moving messenger, and when a swift moving planet representing communication stops and just as swiftly moves backwards, expect glitches and delays in all things related to how you communicate and travel. In Leo, Mercury is confident in it’s opinions and thoughts; positions are taken and not changed. I expect to hear lots of noisy, overconfident and bellicose speech, especially up until August 11th: that’s when forward moving Jupiter (big) in Scorpio (mega-emotions) squares the backwards moving Mercury, and the emotions get caught up in the need and demand by mercury in Leo to recognized.

Thursday 7/26 sees some pressure and it’s not a real social day; nothing you can’t handle, it’s just the day before the full moon eclipse. Early in the morning the Capricorn moon meets up with Pluto; the focus is work, duty, responsibility.  Later in the day Sun in muscular Leo makes two hard aspects to Mars and Saturn; these three planets  involve projection and protection of the ego; throughout the afternoon and evening this energy pattern will prevail. Opportunities for arguments and tension are strong. Discipline and focus on work and your own agenda are the best options

Friday 7/27 the moon is in Aquarius and the full moon/lunar eclipse (visible over the Indian subcontinent) is exact at 1:20p.m.  This is what it looks like:

July 2018 Total Lunar Eclipse

This full moon sees the moon in Aquarius (detachment and sudden change) tightly conjunct (fused) to both Mars (anger, personal will) and to the south node of the moon (regressive behavior, past lives). This volatile package is unfeeling; it doesn’t want to advance, change, grow: it wants things to go back to how they once were. So, the temptation to backslide–whatever that means to you, personally–will be strong, and don’t beat yourself up if you do! You’re just learning more about what your heart’s desire is, not your ego’s desire!

The Sun is in Leo opposite this Aquarius cluster and urges us all to connect with the warmth and passion of our heart center and be passionately generous and share ourselves, our gifts and what we love about our experience with others. We need to bring this into the world. This eclipse offers us a chance to truly connect with our heart’s desire and feel the divine spark of our passion. Eclipses bring endings; and if something or someone has been keeping you off-track from achieving your desire there could be an ending, so that you can move forward. Uranus (sudden change) is the planet that rules the moon in Aquarius, and it squares both Big Lights this eclipse, adding to the probability of violent, sudden, unexpected events expressing these energies: I expect to see an uptick in rebellions and acts of violence this full moon, extending until August 7th when Uranus gains it’s maximum power as it stations retrograde. Also expressing itself strongly this lunation is the easy flow between Venus (love) and Pluto (power); expect intense emotions; these feelings may be body-felt given both planets are in earth. You may learn something useful (Virgo) about your relationships.  If you’re a Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius Sun sign with birthdays 4/20–4/27, 7/23-7/30, 10/23-10/30 and 01/20-01-27 this eclipse will be potent for you!

Once we get to the weekend, the worst is over and on Saturday 7/28 the themes of the full moon are still in effect; I expect we’ll be processing what happened.  On Sunday 7/29 the moon goes into Pisces at 4:28p.m., and there is finally a gentle energy available to soothe us and bring some spiritual grounding.

My channeled inspiration: Another sound metaphor this week! I was prompted to hear this brand-new song on KXCI by Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter and it sounds dreamy, in love, sad, longing, happy, wishing, merging, relating, ocean currents: Neptune and Venus, together! I rarely hear a song that sums up these two states of being.

Last thoughts: Use your heart as your guide this week and focus on what is working for you; what is something you personally feel passionate about, feel deeply about and want to share with the world? If you find yourself out of focus early in the week, or feeling like you want to regress, don’t worry too much about it and be easy on yourself.  The south node of the moon is past lives and people from your past may unexpectedly reappear during this time.



Free Astrology Forecast July 16–22, 2018

Welcome to the free astrology forecast for Monday 7/16–Sunday 7/22 2018. All times are PST; chart courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

Monday 7/16 will likely bring us up close to our sensitive points as Venus (values, love) and Mars (getting what we want) are inconjunct, an aspect pattern in which the two planets in question aren’t  in a flowing angle (which feels nice) but more like grinding angle, which can feel irritating; each has to make way for the other, though neither really wants to, and this sums up the feeling of the inconjunct aspect: one must adjust in the moment to get through it and resolve it. On this same date Mercury (communication, thoughts, short trips) forms an inconjunct to Pluto (power and control): be conscious of manipulations in the conversations both external and internal, you may have to consciously act to adjust to move through this energy gracefully. With moon in Virgo today and opposite Neptune at 1:25PM it’s unclear to see what’s really going on so don’t be hard on yourself, there’s more clarity tomorrow.

Tuesday 7/17 Moon goes into Libra at 12:52pm and there’s more interest in talking/socializing and having a bit more detachment. There’s a little bump Tuesday night with the socially adept Libra moon running into Saturn (authority,) at 819pm but it’s a small bump, because the moon trines Mars in Aquarius as well just before midnight so talking about conflict with people you trust (or just talking period) can lead to greater feelings of peace and security.

On Wednesday 7/18 the moon remains in Libra. It looks like a socially breezy day until 1143pm when the moon squares Pluto in Capricorn. Think: pretty young debutante (Libra) runs into a grumpy old man (Pluto) who makes her cry. Don’t stay up too late talking and socializing; it will likely grow sour the later it gets.

Thursday 7/19 sees the energy shifting with Sun in Cancer squaring Moon in Libra at 12:52 pm; both signs like to start things, but in different ways, one thinks and one feels and with the feelings, it may be family related because it’s Cancer, sign of home and hearth. Moon (security) goes into Scorpio (feelings, feelings and more feelings) at 6:13PM and immediately opposes Uranus in Taurus, and Taurus likes things placid, not emotional. When the moon moves into Scorpio, it activates a grand fixed cross with all the fixed signs: the Leo/Aquarius nodal axis of the moon, Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus. All the fixed signs are concerned with values. I expect this to feel emotional into tomorrow.

MarsRXSouth Node 2018

Friday 7/20 brings us an opportunity to get in touch with where we’re backsliding in our lives right now and gives us a chance to correct our actions. Mars (getting what we want) lands on top of the transiting south node of the moon (old habits, behaviors we know well): it will be easier than usual to act in ways we know well, instead of acting in ways that are different and likely more empowering. Where are you tempted to behave or respond in ways that don’t serve your higher self? Mars is now retrograde, so this is a great time to review and look back at your own personal willfulness and make appropriate corrections where needed; Mars will move direct late in August and will move over this point again in September. Notice what catches your attention now because in 2 months you may notice it again when Mars rushes over this point again, this time with forward momentum and acting in the way Mars prefers: full steam ahead! Though perhaps this time without some of your more willful impulses. The ancient metaphoric image for the south node of the moon is the Dragon’s Tail, which is where the dragon excretes what is no longer needed. Mars is in Aquarius, the sign of freedom: where, how and with whom do you need more freedom to grow and act?

Early Friday morning the Scorpio moon squares Mars exactly, so there could be some minor shocks or moods in the morning. Later in the day the moon forms kind, supportive angles with Venus and Jupiter; it’s a great evening to spend time with your loved ones and friends you trust to share generous feelings and a sense of well-being and gratitude. Jupiter is faith. The moon trines Neptune just after midnight and it’s a dreamy evening, good for music and videos and creative inspiration.

Saturday 7/21 sees the moon in Scorpio all day. Moon squares Mercury (talk, communication) in Leo (recognition, loyalty, pride) at 100pm: brunch or lunch can be disrupted with drama and demands. The energy of 7/20 is still in effect!

On Sunday 7/22 we wake up to the moon in Sagittarius and feelings are more optimistic and there’s a sense of broader possibilities and action. The Sun moves in Leo at 201PM and at that point it seems even brighter. Leo is the sign of our heart; it rules children, loyalty, pride, passion and our personal creations (whether they are children or art). Leo is fire: the drama of the stage and screen. In the next few weeks Leo will be taking front and center stage, asking you to step more fully into the dramatic role that is your life!

Last thoughts:  I see Thursday evening till we wake up Sunday as a great opportunity to be aware of the shadow side of our personal will and make changes. Change starts with acceptance and a commitment to do better. Dear friends, family and clients, these are important steps to take now. There is a very powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 27 which will occur at the same place as the Mars/South Node conjunction; it will emphasize even further the temptation, and the results, of being tempted to act willfully and with anger to advance our personal agendas.

My channeled inspiration:  The Sun is still in the feeling, watery sign of Cancer: family, ancestors, our past. Get in touch with feelings. And get in touch with the opposite of Cancer, Capricorn: the wise parent, the steward, the King. I was driving around and heard this great old song on KXCI the day before last week’s eclipse and it’s a good sound metaphor:  Hawaii ’78

Thanks for tuning in and see you next week!